Here are some short tips that will help you get the most of our service:

How not to buy domains on our website

Why are TF/CF not important?

First, to see the real TF/CF values you have to check the "Pages" tab on MajesticSEO, there you can see that the same domain has different values for different URLs (e.g. with or without 'www'). These values will usually be higher than those presented in the front page of the domain.

TF/CF have almost no correlation with the overall domain's SEO/backlink-profile quality. You can, often, find pure spammy domains with a very high TF/CF. In other words, don’t worry about TF/CF much and just focus on the backlinks; they are the building blocks that give a domain its SEO value.

Now, the backlinks of our domains usually come from inner pages of authority websites, and often not from homepages. An inner page of an authority website will usually have a TF/CF of around 10 to 15 (and sometimes even lower, for no apparent reason). As a result, the TF/CF of the domain will usually not go above the TF/CF of these pages, leaving it quite low. But again, this indicates absolutely nothing about the real SEO value of the domain. If you want to know its real value, look at other, more important, parameters, as explained in our article.

SEO Domains

Generally, we recommend sticking with $150+ domains – these have a significant SEO value as their backlink profiles are diverse and quality enough.

Quality vs. Quantity

Few high-quality domains will usually give better results than many cheap ones, as their total SEO value will be much better.

Built-in Discounts

Some of our domains are priced with built-in discounts including:


We have some Advanced Filters and Search Tools, make sure to use them wisely.


It's very important to understand that the SEO value of an SEO-domain is coming solely from its authorized backlinks. We, at TBSolutions are experts in identifying such backlinks and we offer domains that are loaded with them, and therefore hold a great amount of SEO value.

Authorized backlinks, naturally, are related to ordinary topics and not to niches/topics of products or services that people try to sell via their money-sites.
So when you do SEO and try to promote a money-site using SEO-domains, you simply cannot expect that the SEO-domains will have the same topic/niche as the money-site (or even close in many cases).
This is exactly where the PBN (the blog you build on the SEO-domain you buy) comes into play. Using your PBN you can channel all that SEO-value (juice) into your money-site exactly the way you want - with the very specific niches/topics you want.

In conclusion, the SEO-domain you buy and its backlinks are often very different from the money-site you are trying to promote, and this is absolutely fine.