Policy & Terms


We require new members to pay $5, for which we give back a welcome bonus of $15 as credits on the first order.

Verification refund

It is possible to get the $5 verification deposit back, under the following conditions:

To request for a deposit refund, contact support@tbsolutions.info and we will take care of it as soon as possible (may take few days).

Responsibility over domain quality

All of the domains in this website are natural domains, meaning they got their backlinks naturally and never been manipulated or misused in any way, especially not by us. While this is evidently the best way to go if you want your domains to have a real SEO value, it also means that we don't have any control on their backlinks, and sometimes their owners can decide taking them off.
Also, while we do have a pretty good understanding of how Google work, we don't pretend to have the ability of predicting all of their decisions and we can obviously can't guarantee any results - how much more so that there are many other factors involved than the domain itsled.

Domain refunds

We put a lot of efforts in supplying our customers with all the information they need for making an educated decision about our domains, before they decide to buy. We'll never hide anything from anyone, and the data we supply is aimed to be full and complete - the qualities and the flaws of each and every domain. That's also the reason why we don't give refunds in general, as we trust our customers to make their own considerations after all the relevant information is presented before them.

After that being said, if you still believe that your case deserves a special treatment, you may contact us at support@tbsolutions.info.

Minimum Order

There is a minimum order of $30 at the moment (before discounts). Orders below $30 won't be accepted.

Data accuracy

As much as we try to keep our data up to date at all time, we can't guarantee 100% accuracy. Therefore make sure to verify the data you see on our system. For any issue regarding data accuracy, please contact support@tbsolutions.info.

We also recommend reading our privacy policy.