We are often asked why would someone prefer to buy domains from our service rather than participating in GoDaddy auctions and trying to find SEO worthy domains on his own. We hope that this small comparison table would shed some light on the matter.
Spam Most 'attractive' domains have spam issues (been misused before, spammy history, spammy backlinks, penalized, etc.) 100% spam and worry free. All the domains in our service have passed the filters of advanced spam-detection algorithms and a deep manual research by experts.
Quality (SEO Value) Many domains might have “good numbers”, but no actual SEO value. It is rare to find domains with natural high Authorized backlinks, and when you do, you are likely to compete many others, ending up paying too much. Our domains have natural and diverse Authorized backlinks, which are properly analyzed and clearly presented to the users. This way you know exactly what you are paying for.
Time Auctioning is exhausting! First you need to filter from tens of thousands of potential domains, and then you need to filter again, and again, and yet again. But since you don’t have the right tools to filter domains, you end up using shortcuts (like filtering by DA, or other hollow parameters). This way not only you find domains that are less optimal, but yet again you find yourself bidding on the same domains everybody does. Just pay and receive the domains. Like the old saying: do what you do best and outsource the rest.
Transparency You can use different services that provide various ranks (such as DA, TF etc.), but still you will have no useful information about the actual backlinks of the domain, which are the source of the SEO value. All of our domains, together with their backlinks, are fully analyzed and annotated, so you know exactly what you get.
Customer Support Limited. Personal. Feel free to contact us about absolutely anything.
Variety & Filtering The variety of SEO domains is very limited, and there aren’t many filtering options. We offer a wide selection of domains, and advanced filters to help you navigate between them. Our system is built to maximize your chances finding the domains that you need (e.g. SEO domains that are related to a specific keyword, or in a specific language/location).
Price Pay more for less (or even zero or negative) SEO value, and waste precious time and human resources. Pay less for more SEO value and save precious time and human resources.